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This page houses all documents that are produces as for the LIA class. Feel free to do with them whatever you want.

Documents and Files

Assignment for 07-03-2005:
SAGE code of conduct report

Assignment for 28-02-2005:
After first trying to set up Nessus at home (My Gentoo installation was destroyed by some Admin), I couldn`t get the mysql connection to work. The reason for is i need to have an older version of Mysql to run my applications on as my debian server at home is a live box. Therefore I reverted to BigSister, which can be found at this link

Assignment for 21-02-2005:
Backup system and remote access advice

Assignment for 14-02-2005:
I set-up a openLDAP server. This excersize I have been working on for the time given for this excercise. I got the openLDAP server running, but after integrating it into the Unix login it crashed, the only error it gave was "can't connect to database". A link to the howto is: Link to the howto

Assignment for 07-02-2005:
DHCP and BOOTP report